Tuesday 21 June 2011

big big big BIG summer giveaway

EDIT: this contest is over, thank you for partecipating!

Yes, to celebrate this hot summer I'm giving away all the codes left for all the Running Pixel's Xbox Live games.

I have more than 100 codes to give for these games:

Crystal Crush (shiny puzzler)
Bricks4Ever (the best bricks breaking game available on the Xbox, amazing!)
The No Button Game (the first hands free game released before kinect)
Kozu (the dual karma shooter, multiplayer too!)
Avatar Ragdolls (because everyone loves falling hopeless rag-dolls)
Bouncing Avatars (the Xbox answer to iPhone's Doodle Jump but with avatars into, multiplayer too!)

Not enough?
I also have a dozen of copies of Cocktails: shake it up! the most cohomprensive cocktails database app available on the Xbox.

How to win a code...
It's easy
1) choose  a game or app
2) tweet exactly the message below (*)
3) follow @runningpixel to let me send you the code and to know if there are left codes
4) cross you fingers and hope I still have a code left for the game/app you've choosen

to win Crystal Crush tweet:
I want @runningpixel #xbox CRYSTAL CRUSH http://bit.ly/flOba9 for the #giveaway rules read http://bit.ly/mUJmD7

to win Bricks4Ever tweet:
I want @runningpixel #xbox BRICKS4EVER http://bit.ly/crT095 for the  #giveaway rules read http://bit.ly/mUJmD7

to win The No Button Game tweet:
I want @runningpixel #xbox THE NO BUTTON GAME http://bit.ly/jSXsDQ for the  #giveaway rules read http://bit.ly/mUJmD7

to win Kozu tweet:
I want @runningpixel #xbox KOZU http://bit.ly/f1Ncl8 for the  #giveaway rules read http://bit.ly/mUJmD7

to win Avatar Ragdolls tweet:
I want @runningpixel #xbox AVATAR RAGDOLLS http://bit.ly/gZgG3n for the  #giveaway rules read http://bit.ly/mUJmD7

to win Bouncing Avatars tweet:
I want @runningpixel #xbox BOUNCING AVATARS http://bit.ly/hPNZyQ for the  #giveaway rules read http://bit.ly/mUJmD7

to win Cocktails: shake it up! tweet:
I want @runningpixel #xbox COCKTAILS: SHAKE IT UP! http://bit.ly/ljOujr for the  #giveaway rules read http://bit.ly/mUJmD

The contest ends as soon as I'll giveaway all the the codes so... hurry up! Choose your game and tweet now!
Edit: there are still a lot of codes left, keep tweeting and don't worry if I don't send you a code  immediately , I'll keep track of every tweet.

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