Saturday 27 November 2010

Kozu - twin stick karma fun

First video for our game under development called KOZU.

It is a dual stick shooter featuring several power ups 5 soundtracks and an virtually infinite gameplay.
It is single or multiplayer (1-4 players local or live)

Enjoy the first video of the game.

Thursday 25 November 2010

SheepNobi - shifted due to the Winter Uprising initiative

Hi followers,

we initially planned to release "SheepNobi: way of the chainsaw" on the Xbox Live Indie Games for this December, after 5 months of intensive development and huge gameplay changes.
Unfortunally there is a group of indie developers that joined their forces and booked a mass release of games for the first two weeks of December with a massive media coverage and some official Xbox team support.

Could be not clever to release our best project in a such period so our plans has been shifted. Maybe in January.

But in the meantime... we're going to release another project with a solid and well know gameplay but with experimental graphics and musics. Stay tuned for further details.

Tuesday 16 November 2010

updates... updates... updates

This was an interesting week here around. "Step Counter" for WP7 was updated and bricks4ever for xbox360 too... the first is one of RP latest app and the second is one of RP best sellers, it is 18 months old but still rocks.

There are interesting news and evolution on the SheepNobi's side too, there will be a related post very very soon.