Tuesday 13 November 2018

WRLDCRAFT - the story behind

WRLDCRAFT has a story, a long story.
Everything starts  in the Xbox Live Indie Games (XBLIG) age, good bless you XBLIG, platform and market where in 2012 I made a quite successful Minecraft Like sanbox game called Miner4Ever. XBLIG market does not exist anymore but loved that game and I learned a lot about voxel engines, shading techniques and multiplayer.
It was not enough, I wanted to port it in the real world and IRL. After some attempts with marker based AR (I lost the videos of that) the true plot twist was in 2017 when I put my hands on a mobile device with Google Tango in, that is a precursor of current ARKit and ARCore and this is what I did in early 2017 (a tech show-off video, not a real game).

So digging and building in real world with persistence using Augmented Reality was totally doable. Unfortunately there were not many Tango enabled phones around, so I put the project in standby waiting for a diffuse technology letting me do a real game with all the features I dreamt.
Today ARKit and ARCore are mature enough to do what I have in mind. Persitence, cross platform, world anchored buildings, cooperative building, multiplayer experience and much more.
Two months ago I leaved my daily job as Technical Leader, resumed my old dream, worked hard, and this is how WRLDCRAFT project is born!



Tuesday 30 October 2018


I'm proud to announce that WRLDCRAFT, the very first AR massive multiplayer open world sandbox game for iOS and Android, is coming soon!!

Please find more details on http://www.wrldcraft.com

Thursday 20 September 2018

Augmented Reality next step, I'm in.

Today, with all the black magic of hashtagarcore cloud anchors and hashtagarkit shared AR next step in hashtagaugmentedreality is the "place recognition"; the ability to recognize a position in the world as soon as it is seen from a phone camera with an incredible precision. Millimeters against the traditional 3/5 meters of a standard GPS. Both Google and Apple have right now the technology to achieve this so it's matter of time. How this regards RunningPixel's games? Stay tuned, I have a surprise that regards one of my most diffuse games.