Tuesday 21 February 2012

Miner4Ever, playtest the first playable version

Today, ok tonight... here in Italy is 2.30 AM... I'm going to put in playtest my latest XBLIG game, the first after a long long pause.
I'm very proud of this game because I did everything on my own, code, game-play and graphics with except for the BoxArt and the menu backgrounds that are a Benedetta's creation.

What is Miner4ever?

It's more than a Minecraft style game, it's a mining game with several browser games and RTS gameplay elements.
Start building your empire! Mine resources, dig and build structure to increase you hourly production. Miner4Ever will update your production even when you're not playing with it. Miner4Ever is a game where the classic mine crafting game meets the online real time strategy.

Here some screenshots:

Soon a gameplay footage and further details.

In the case you have a XNA Membership you could download and playtest the game on the AppHub right now.

There's a Facebook page? YES! https://www.facebook.com/Miner4Ever