Wednesday 11 May 2011

Say hello to Gameccino

Running Pixel ceases to be a XBLIG/WP7 game dev studio, from now on this is just my personal development blog.
The core of the team (me and Benedetta) has founded a new indie game dev company called Gameccino
Yes, sounds like Cappuccino, Frappuccino and Mokaccino but in this case some of the ingredients are the games and the fun. Gameccino will develop mainly Android and iPhone games but also PC and Mac.

Does this mean no more XBLIG/WP7 games?
Yes and no; I have some XBLIG-only unfinished project and I could decide to finish them anytime if I think that they have a single chance on XBLIG or WP7 and if I have spare time.

Why of this decision?
Because it's a new start with new objectives, because the team has been modified in the meantime and because I think that the new name sounds more "casual" and friendly.

So, say goodbye to Running Pixel as an indie studio and say hello to Gameccino (we just announced our first multi-platform game here)

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