Monday 22 August 2011

a new deal for WP7

Some months ago here there was a big debate about our #xblig games and the opportunity to port them into WP7; because we develop for living it is important that every minute spent developing have a return. Unfortunally this is hard with WP7 right now if you don't have a Xbox Live Arcade deal (and we haven't) so we migrated to other platforms leaving our #xblig and #wp7 development in a standby phase.
But wait... I have an idea! We still do like porting our XBLIG games to WP7 and the main problem is funding them... so.... here's a deal between you and me:

"if any of our games surpasses the 100000 copies sold (80 mp each) we will port all of our Xbox Live Indie Games to WP7 and give them for free."

In other words we raise fund for our wp7 ports with the xblig marketplace incomes (or with the donate button on this page)

How can you help out? Retweet this post, download our games and tell friends with an Xbox to make the same, share on facebook, spread the voice!

here's a list of our games:

Crystal Crush (shiny and innovative action puzzler)
Bricks4Ever (the best bricks breaking game available on the Xbox, amazing!)
The No Button Game (the first hands free game released before kinect)
Kozu (the dual karma shooter, multiplayer too!)
Avatar Ragdolls (because everyone loves falling hopeless rag-dolls)
Bouncing Avatars (the Xbox answer to iPhone's Doodle Jump but with avatars into, multiplayer too!)

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