Wednesday 26 October 2011

XBLIG Avatar Ragdolls heads to iOS and Android

Running Pixel is very happy to announce that one of the Running Pixel's most downloaded Xbox Live Indie Games Avatar Ragdolls is on its way to be ported on Android and iOS devices (including tablets and iPad).
Avatar Ragdolls actually features on XBOX360 the Xbox Live Avatars and real rag-dolls physics plus a multiplayer gameplay.
The mobile port will not feature for obvious reasons the Xbox Avatars but on the other hand will feature gestures, accelerometer and several new gameplay elements.
Avatar Ragdolls is one of our preferred and most successful Xbox Live Indie games and we think it fits perfectly with the casual gaming on the mobile devices.
The game is being ported using the multiplatform tool Unity3D. The release is planned for this December.

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