Wednesday 21 December 2016

Tetrizzle, train your brain (out now)

Winter is here and it's time for a brand new Running Pixel game. A puzzle this round... I said A puzzle? It is THE puzzle.

Grab it now HERE

Tetrizzle is a blocks puzzle game tangram-tetris inspired. Fill the board by dragging different shaped blocks into the correct place to make a single larger shape.
If you think it sounds simple then think again! There’s only one correct solution for each level and pieces can’t be rotated.
Tetrizzle is packed with thousands of FREE mind-bending levels of increasing difficulty that’ll keep you busy for hours. Once you’ve tried, you’ll be hooked.
Get smarter with a daily brain workout, try to solve the weekly impossible level and show everyone how smart you are.

Key Features:
★ 1000+ FREE puzzles included!
★ A new puzzle every day!
★ Weekly impossible puzzles! (the hardest you've ever seen)
★ 10 difficulty levels (easy to impossible)
★ Rank up in the leaderboards, challenge your friends via Google Play Games
★ 10+ achievements to win

Tetrizzle is now officially published on both (WebGL edition) and GooglePlay.

Thursday 27 October 2016 - Facebook and Android - out now

What happenz the day after a zombie apocalypse? No humans to eat, no people to transform, so?
Here is the answer!
Hordes of zombies fighting for the supremacy. Lead you horde, grow, eat brains, survive! Well... sur-die! is a mass multiplayer online battle arena (MMOBA) with zombies in it!!

So what you're waiting for? Build you horde and fight on zombio!

I'm happy to announce that, a multiplayer survival games with zombie in it is out right now on both google PlayStore and facebook.

Friday 9 September 2016

Miner4Ever LIVE goes open beta!

MINER4EVER LIVE is now open beta!  M4E Live is an open world MMO voxel based game where you and your friends build on your own land. The game assigns you a piece o land nearby your facebook friends to maximize the fun. The world is persistent and infinite. The client is webgl based (android client is coming soon) and communicate with the server via websockets. Both client and server are made with Unity3d.

Note that is an open beta, there could be slowdowns and outages. Have fun! Check it out here:   


Monday 1 August 2016

Miner4Ever - new engine and MMO on webgl!

Working hard to update M4E, the engine is now 40% faster and uses less resources on both WebGL and mobile (android/ios).
The new game will be an MMO open world with hundreds of players building and digging on the same infinite land.
Keep tight, an open beta is coming soon!

Friday 8 July 2016

Candy Score - minesweeper with friends!

Some sweet candies were hidden,
challenge a friend or a random opponent and find the sweeties in an online turn based battle!
Candy Score is based on the minesweeper rules:
as you uncover tiles, you will see numbers revealed. A number means that there are that number of candies touching that tile (both sides, top/bottom, and diagonally). If you see a 1 on the board, it means that square is touching exactly 1 candy.
But if with mine sweeper you have to avoid the mines here you have to find them before your opponent!

Wednesday 1 June 2016

BrowserQuest SE

Time for a old fashioned RPG? Play this MMO style!

Join hundreds of friends on this massive online quest.

BrowserQuest Social Edition is a massive online old-style multiplayer Role Playing Game where you explore a big world in search of quest with your friends.
BQse is the port into facebook canvas of the Lecollinet brother's great work made for Mozilla to showcase the HTML5 power.

On Facebook:

Friday 6 May 2016

IntoTheBox - facebook and mobile game

Lost in a dark and hostile world a little light is looking for its way home.

Help our little light finding its way home. Solve the puzzles and get the light into the next world through the darkness.
Move the brigth pieces into the rigth place and get the light into the box. Rebounces, teleports, amimated machines, traps and complex levels are waiting for you!

Get it now!