Saturday 25 September 2010

when you break it break it good...

new version of SheepNobi has been submitted today in playtest.

A subtitle has been added, now the complete title is: "SheepNobi: way of the chainsaw"

What is changed? Everything! The gamplay was massively changed and updated, some parts of code rewrote, piece of arts added.
Now it's a better game... I swear!

Tuesday 14 September 2010

Wednesday 8 September 2010

SheepNobi first images and details

the first four SheepNobi screenshots are visible right now on the official SheepNobi blog, I posted them few minutes ago.
Emanuele worked hard and the results are awesome.
We're at an advanced alpha development phase, the most of the contents are done and a good 80% of the code is in place.
and... here is the boxart.

Monday 6 September 2010

A new game for Running Pixel - SheepNobi

There's a new game in the air. This involves sheeps, chainsaws, and a lot of blood and humor. Its name? SHEEPNOBI!
Stay tuned, soon will come previews and videos, here the dedicated development blog.
As for other Running Pixel games this will be published on the Xbox Live Indie Games market and hopefully on other platforms (PC and WP7 are the first).
Check out this blog and the dedicated blog for further news.

Sunday 5 September 2010

THE NO BUTTON GAME - the first button free games ever on XBOX360

The No Button Game is probably our greatest success; released on August the 1th 2010 on the Xbox Live Indie Games Marketplace was downloaded 80000 times in it's first month live and with more that 6000 downloads in a single day is probably one of the most downloaded indie game in a day ever.

The game is designed around its unique control mechanism system, for the first time an xbox game (before Kinect) uses no buttons to be played.

here's a small video: enojoy!

Saturday 4 September 2010

Bricks4Ever - everybody loves it

The second work of Running Pixel as a team and one of our most successful games with more than 50000 copies downloaded.
A new twist on the breakout genre and the most appreciated on Xbox (yes, someone said it is better than Arkanoid Live and much cheaper :D )

bricks4ever was released on 2/17/2009 - 50 levels of fun and an unique dual stick mode.

some screenshots:

Our first XNA game - CRYSTAL CRUSH

This is one of the first ever published XNA games (on XBOX360). It was released the day after the indie marketplace was open (on 11/19/2008).
Unfortunally it was released (on 11/20/2008) with an other dozen games on the same day loosing visibility and it had no chances at all to get noticed.

Anyway it is a good game concept, quite innovative, if you love action puzzles, check it out!   

Where's the old site?

Are you looking for our old site? it is still available at this address.

Why we changed?
We're a little team and we (me mainly) won't maintain a large and static site. A development blog is all we need, update frequently with fresh contents.
So stay tuned we have a year full of news to write  and some exciting novelties.